Friday, 26 November 2010

Final Design for the Food and Feast Project

Title: Typically English Food
Media Used: Acrylic Paint on Stretched Paper

My Version of Picasso Still Life

Media Used: Watercolours

My Take on Stefan Spath's So Much Going on

Media Used: Soft Pastels

Collison of Cultures

Media Used: Tie and Dye Fabric in Background and Acrylic painted on top

This painting represents my family tree, the bird is the national bird of Jamaica called the humming bird then one of it's tails changes into a chinese dragon which represents the chinese in my family. My great-grandfather was chinese

Circus on My Mind

Media Used: Oil Pastels and Watercolor wash in Background

This is a self portrait I did at GCSE in my last skecthbook. It was linked with the Theme CHANGE, so i took an image of my self with my hood up and then I drew from it changed my hood into a circus tent and drew strings attached to my fingers. This media is one of my favourites becasue of how bright the colors are