Tuesday, 30 August 2011

First attempt at painting a face using Oil Paints....Tim Okamura's Little Sisters (My version)

I'm really surprized that i was able to paint a realistic face using oil paints, I believe i've improved on painting faces because I never used to like doing portraits!

Monday, 15 August 2011

London is on Fire! (LONDON RIOTS AUGUST 2011)

This is based on an image I worked from showing Carpet Right in flames in Tottenham and a London Bus that had also gone up in flames. The fires started in different locations but I joined them together in one painting.
Media Used: Acrylic Paint
I just painted this and I really have surprized myself with how far my paintings techniques have improved. This has become one of favourite paintings

My Version of Linda Paul's (Egg Tempera Painter) Landscape paintings (GCSE)

Still Life Studies (GCSE)


Lino Prints and first attempt at Tessellation

Pointilism Portrait of My little Brother

Medis Used: Pens and felt tips
Theme : Modern figureheads

Ego Monuments (GSCE) My hands hugging a teddy bear

Ego Monuments (GSCE) Hand holding one of my favourite books

Media: Clay

My first 3D sculptures, THEME: Ego Monuments (GSCE)

My idea was to create my hand holding an object that is linked to me. With this piece my hand is holding a pencil representing my artistic skills and my love for anything arty!

Don't know what took me so long to put this up. This was my Final Piece for my GCSE Exam, "Scattered Features!"

Media Used: Acrylic Paint