Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Absract Expressionism-My version of Convergence, Jackson Pollock

Futurism-My version of Dynamism of an automobile, Luigi Russolo

Cubism-My version of Houses at L'Estaque, Georges Braque

Expressionism-My version of Konigstein with red church, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Fauvism-My version of La Tamise ET Tower Bridge, Andre Derain

Symbolism-My Version of The Scream, Edvard Munch

Post Impressionism-My Version of Mountains at Saint-Remy, Vincent Van Gogh

Realism-My Version of Rue Mosnier with flags, Eduoard Manet

Altered Jamaican Flag

My Version of Curtis Verdun's Encounter (Linked to Final Design)

Drawn design of Final Piece

Final Design for Textile Exam 2011

Media Used: Transfer Paints

Textiles Samples for Alteration of the Jamaican Flag

Still Life inspired by Paul Cezanne

Media Used: Mixed (Watercolours and Sugar Paper)

Picasso's Landscape with Bridge

Media Used: Watercolours

The Marble Rock that my Final Idea is linked to (Photo Taken at the Natural History Museum)

Observation Studies of Natural Surfaces

 Media Used: Acrylic Paint

 Media Used: Oil Pastels

Media Used: Soft Pastels 

Media Used: Acrylic Paint 

Media Used: Inks 

Media Used: Acrylic Paint

Media Used: Acrylic Paint

Development Ideas for Final Design (Linked to surface of a marble rock)

Media Used: Acrylic Paint
Technique: Impasto
Tools: Fork and Palette Knife

Extra Painting Linked to the "Eye of the Beholder"

Media Used: Acrylic Paint and shavings of pastels
Technique: Impasto
Tools: Palette Knife

Fine Art Exam Piece 2011 - The Eye of the Beholder

Media Used: Acrylic Paint
Technique: Impasto
Tools: Fork, Palette Knife and Small Paintbrush