Sunday, 6 May 2012

Red Study of Brother

Acrylic Paint and ink

My Version of Spath's Blue Seduction

Acrylic Paint

My Version of Stefan Spath's Bare Reflections

Acrylic Paint - added tones of orange, red and purple. Not an exact copy of the original

Portrait Painting of My Mom

Acrylic Painting inspired by Stefan Spaths colourful paintings

Self Portrait

Mixed Media - Newspaper, tonal paper, indian ink, white acrylic and tonal pencils

New Project Idea

I'm thinking of creating paintings based on the nude form. Since I'm not able to have actual models to work from, I'll be using photographers works as my subject matter. Working in black and white as well as an explosion of colour!

Separate project away from college work

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Exam on Thursday and Friday!

Can't wait to get started on my painting! excited and all this waiting is getting on my nerves. The painting will represent some form of isolation and my subject matter will be my brother Maliek. My final painting for my A2 Fine Art course, shall being going out with a bang!